The Kabul, Afghanistan Golf Club – The Most Dangerous Course in the World

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Kabul Golf Club, Afghanistan

afghanistan-2-095This is Mohammad Afzal Abdul, and he is entirely dedicated to bringing the game of golf to one of the most unlikely places on Earth: the war torn country of Afghanistan. His course, the Kabul Golf Club, is the first one featured on our Worldwide Virtual Tour of impressive courses. Believe it or not, golf was first introduced to the country in 1911. Unfortunately, Afghanistan’s turbulent future made the sport more and more rare (in fact, every sport other than volleyball was forbidden under Taliban rule). Now, Kabul Golf Club, located just outside the capital, is the only golf course in the country, and Abdul has been fighting for almost four decades to keep it alive. The oxymoronic nature of the course would seem to point to absolute failure for any other course owner: dirt and rock Fairways, black sand Greens, etc. But after decades of invasions by multiple world super powers and rule by a totalitarian terrorist State, the Kabul Golf Club still exists. Abdul and his course persevered through some of the worst situations imaginable: Tanks and mines turned his course into a war zone, he suffered unjust jail time on multiple occasions, and The Taliban murdered his brother, beat Abdul, and burnt his house burnt down for supporting a ‘western’ sport.

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