Worldwide Weekly Tournaments – How Do They Work?

WVG Worldwide Tornaments logo

Test yourself on the course like never before. Worldwide Virtual Golf (WVG) makes tournaments from across the globe possible. Every week, the site hosts the Worldwide Tournament that allows users to compete in a single global tournament against other WVG members. Any member can participate, and their rounds can be played from any course and on any day they choose. Our advanced algorithm will factor out course difficulty, so players’ WVG Handicap scores represent only their golf skills and how they played during that particular round.  So sign up, tee off, and make sure you play your best game possible. Every shot counts, the pressure is on.

The best part is, membership for Worldwide Virtual Golf is completely free for the rest of the 2015 year!

How The Tournament Works

Once you sign up for the Worldwide Tournament, you’ll be able to enter your golf rounds on the Scores page. The Worldwide Tournament, just like other formal tournaments, is four days long. However, it’s up to you when and where you play, and even how many rounds you play. You can play a round of golf today, tomorrow, or any other day. You can play on your local course, or Pebble Beach. You don’t even have to play all four rounds, just enter your most recent score for each remaining day. But if you’re only going to play one round, it better be good!

Player’s scores will start appearing on the Scores page on each Thursday, but scores can be entered on any day before the Sunday end date. Continue reading below to find out how to sign up for the Worldwide Tournaments and how to post your scores.

How To Sign Up

Sign up is easy, it’s only three steps! Just follow this quick guide:

1. Click this link to go to the Tournaments page on Worldwide Virtual Golf (you may need to sign in)

2. Under the Weekly Tournaments section on the right, select “Join Existing”

3. Select the end date for the tournament you’d like to participate in. The first date on the list is always the current week’s Worldwide Tournament, which ends on Sundays. Each following week Tournament is listed below it. Make sure you select a week you are going to be able to play in!

4. Make sure ‘Worldwide Tournament’ is selected from the Group drop down box.

5. Click save!

Congratulations! You’ve successfully entered yourself into The Worldwide Tournament! The next step is to play your round(s) and enter your scores on the Scores page before tournament end date.

Remember, the number of rounds in Worldwide Tournaments is always four, but you do not have to play four days. Play one, two, three, or four, whatever you have time for. Just enter your last score for each remaining day in the tournament.

How To Enter Your Scores

To Enter Your Scores, follow these quick steps

1. Click this link to go to the Scores pages on Worldwide Virtual Golf (you may need to log in)

2. Select the end date you chose from the top drop down box

3. Fill out the form and click Save!

Your first score is now entered! You’ll still need to enter in three more scores to make four days of play total, but you can enter the same score for as many as all four days if you prefer.

After the end date arrives, check back on the Results page to see how YOU placed in the weekly Worldwide Tournament! Just select the end date you chose in the drop down menu, make sure ‘Amateur’ is selected from the Event drop down menu, and click ReCalculate. Good luck!


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