The Best Golf “Photoshop Battle” Pictures

A Photoshop Battle is a popular internet game where someone posts a real picture, usually of someone famous, and everyone else make funny edits. The results really have to been seen to be appreciated! In the slideshow below, you’ll find the most hilarious results from the Golf related pictures from If you’re inspired, fire up Photoshop and show us what you’ve got!

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Mission Hills Golf Club in Shenzhen, China – The Future of Golf?

The Worldwide Virtual Tour, from, highlights the world’s most interesting courses and individuals.

In stark contrast to our first Worldwide Virtual Tour post, we’re moving on from the poorest and most dangerous golf club in the world to the largest and richest club on the planet. Mission Hills Golf Club, located in Shenzhen, China, holds the Guinness World Record for largest golf club. With twelve courses and a total of 216 holes, the Chinese club surpasses the Pinehurst Resort by 72 holes. It’s courses are all designed by some of the greatest in golf: Jack Nicklaus, Vijay Singh, Nick Faldo, Ernie Els, Pete Dye, and others. The resort cost $1.5 Billion to design and build, and it’s still growing.

Check out this satellite image of the facility to get a grasp on how huge this place is:

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Golfing In The Future: 7 Innovations That Will Change The Game in the Near and Long Term

Main Image

Golf is probably the most innovative sport out there. No other sport involves so much gear and perfect practice. Every year, billions are poured into the research and development of balls that can fly farther, clubs that can hit harder, and tools that will make golfers’ swings perfect. As a result, golf is constantly on the cutting edge of technology, fueled by new advances and crazy ideas. Here are some predictions of what you might see on the course in the future. Some of these innovations already exist, but aren’t commonplace yet, while others probably won’t pan out for quite a while. Let us know your golf predictions in the comments!

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Innovative Golf Website Puts A Futuristic Spin On Your Typical Round

WVG Promotional Image

Since the advent of metal woods, the game of golf has been saturated with countless technological innovations. From balls that fly further, to clubs that are more forgiving, the golf industry is obsessed with helping golfers remove a couple strokes off their scores, but nothing really adds to the golfing experience…

That’s what Worldwide Virtual Golf promises to do. The free website gives golfers the power to compete head to head, even on separate days and from different courses.

It Takes Your Typical Round Of Golf And Adds Real Competition

Golf Tournaments are long overdue for a 21st Century update. When you sign up for, you are connecting with golfers from around the world, no matter when or where you are playing. So now, every time you head out to the course, you could be competing against friends in other cities and states, or against golfers from across the globe.

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