Innovative Golf Website Puts A Futuristic Spin On Your Typical Round

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Since the advent of metal woods, the game of golf has been saturated with countless technological innovations. From balls that fly further, to clubs that are more forgiving, the golf industry is obsessed with helping golfers remove a couple strokes off their scores, but nothing really adds to the golfing experience…

That’s what Worldwide Virtual Golf promises to do. The free website gives golfers the power to compete head to head, even on separate days and from different courses.

It Takes Your Typical Round Of Golf And Adds Real Competition

Golf Tournaments are long overdue for a 21st Century update. When you sign up for, you are connecting with golfers from around the world, no matter when or where you are playing. So now, every time you head out to the course, you could be competing against friends in other cities and states, or against golfers from across the globe.

Planning a trip to your local course this week? Create a Private Tournament and invite your golf buddies, even if they have to play on a different course. Sign up for the weekly Worldwide Tournament and you’ll compete against every other golfer in the world that signs up. Where will you stand in the rankings?

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Tournaments When You Want, Where You Want, How You Want

With three different tournament types to choose from, Worldwide Virtual Golf offers the best way to compete against others. Private Tournaments give you the options of choosing who you play with and how many rounds you want. Worldwide Tournaments place you in the largest golf competition in the world, with members from across the globe competing every week to see who comes out on top. Major Pro Tournaments are just-for-fun competitions between yourself and the Pros on the PGA Tour during the four Majors. Whether you’re competing against a friend across the Atlantic or your favorite Pros at Augusta, Worldwide Virtual Golf will guarantee your golf rounds will never be the same.

Featuring An Advanced Score Equalizing Algorithm

Worldwide Virtual Golf makes competitions across different courses possible with the WVG Handicap Algorithm. It takes golfers raw score and Course Slope and Par info, factors out course difficulty, and recalculates the scores to reflect the golfers’ skill. So no matter where you play, you’ll be competing on an even playing field.

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And it’s Free… for now

Sign Up for a free Year Membership at, but do it quickly because the offer wont last long. No credit card required, just some quick info and your golf handicap. Members of Worldwide Virtual Golf have the ability to create custom Groups of other WVG Members to better organize golf friends, easily communicate with all group members at once, and quickly set up tournaments with the right people. The site features a Forum where members can discuss everything from Tour news to selling or buying equipment. is also available as a mobile version, perfectly optimized to allow you to quickly enter scores and join tournaments from anywhere, even on the course! Access the mobile site at:

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