Play in The Masters with Worldwide Virtual Golf!

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  1. How The Tournament Works
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The Augusta Open

Test yourself on the course like never before. The 2016 Masters Tournament is right around the corner, and for the first time, you can test yourself against the Pros. offers users the power to play against anyone in the world, at any time, from any course, so why not play in the first Major of the year from your local club? The Augusta Open (what we call the Masters Tournament) is a “just-for-fun” tournament that allows you to compete head-to-head against the Pros, no matter when or where you play your round(s).

So sign up, tee off, and make sure you play your best game possible. Players’ scores only receive a small boost over the Pros, so don’t count on your adjusted WVG score to put you on top. Every shot counts, just like at Augusta National. The pressure is on.

How The Tournament Works

Once you sign up for the Augusta Open on the Tournaments page, you’ll be able to enter your golf rounds on the Scores page. The Augusta Open, just like it’s Georgian counterpart, is four days long. However, it’s up to you when and where you play, and even how many rounds you play. You can play a round of golf today, tomorrow, or any other day before the Masters Tournament ends. You can play on your local course, or at Augusta National itself. You don’t even have to play all four rounds, just enter your most recent score for each remaining day. But if you’re only going to play one round, it better be good! To make things more competitive, you will receive a small boost to your score (the Pros are pros for a reason!), but the Pros scores will be what you see on TV.

As the Pros get started in Georgia, their scores will be updated each day. On Thursday, your name will be placed on our Score Board, and the Pro’s scores and your position will be updated throughout play. After the last putt on Sunday, you’ll be able to see your final position in the tournament!

How To Sign Up

Sign up is easy, it’s only three steps! Just follow this quick guide:

1. Click this link to go to the Tournaments page on Worldwide Virtual Golf (you may need to sign in)

2. Under the Major/Pro Events section, click the “Sign Up” button

3. Check off the “Augusta Open” box, and click save

Congratulations! You’ve successfully entered yourself into The Masters Tournament! The next step is to play your round(s) and enter your scores on the Scores page before The Open ends.

How To Enter Your Scores

To Enter Your Scores, follow these quick steps

1. Click this link to go to the Scores pages on Worldwide Virtual Golf (you may need to log in)

2. Select “4/10/2016 (PRO)” from the top drop down box

3. Fill in the course information and your score and click Save!

Your first score is now entered! You’ll still need to enter in three more scores to make four days of play total, but you can enter the same score for as many as all four days if you prefer.

After the Pros finish at Augusta, check back on the Results page to see how YOU placed in the 2016 Masters Tournament! Just select “4/10/2016″ from the drop down menu, make sure “Pro” is selected from the Event drop down menu, and click ReCalculate. Good luck!


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