About Worldwide Virtual Golf

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OFFICIAL WEBSITE: www.WorldwideVirtualGolf.com

Worldwide Virtual Golf is all about adding a greater sense of competition to your typical round of golf! It allows golfers from around the world to compete in tournaments from different courses and even different days. So now, every time you head out to the course, you could be competing against friends in different states, or golfers in other countries. This is not a video game; WVG is about real courses, real tournaments, and golfers’ raw skills. Tournaments hosted on our website allows our WVG Handicap Algorithm to calculate scores based on USGA course Slope Ratings, and factors out course difficulty so that scores represent golfers’ talent and proficiency at the sport.

Main Features:

  1. WVG Handicap – Our algorithm takes course slope and par information, member handicap, and their score to factor out course difficulty. The new recalculated score is based on a player’ s golfing skills, which makes it possible to compete against golfers on different courses.
  2. Three Tournament Types
    1. Private – Easily create custom tournaments between any number of golfers. Challenge with friends even if they play on a different course (can also be used as free Tournament Management Software for larger competitions)
    2. Worldwide – Weekly global competition available to all WVG Members. When you sign up for the Worldwide Tournament, you will be competing in the largest golf tournament in the world! See where you stand on the global rankings.
    3. Major Pro – It’s you versus the Pros in this “just-for-fun” tournament. Sign up, and you will be placed in the lineup of every tour Major. Compete against the players at Augusta National from your local course, upload your scores, and watch the Pros on TV as they try to do better than you! You will be given a small ‘boost’ in your score to stand a better chance, but you will still have to challenge yourself on the course to really succeed in this tournament.
  3. Custom Group Creation – Easily create groups of other WVG Members to better organize golf groups, easily communicate with all group members at once, and quickly set up tournaments with the right people.
  4. Forum – A free, fully integrated forum for discussing golf news, tournaments, or anything, really.
  5. Mobile Optimization –Worldwide Virtual Golf is conveniently available as a mobile version. Perfectly optimized to allow you to quickly enter scores and join tournaments from anywhere, even on the course! Access the mobile site at: www.worldwidevirtualgolf.com/mobile

Current Promotion:

Free Year Membership – To attract as many golfer as possible to our young site, we are giving away one year memberships to everyone that joins before December 31, 2015. It is completely free, no credit card information required when you sign up.


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